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There are a lot of things you can do ! For example you can do some touring in the city centre of Athens or you can go for a walk very near of us to the smart park for shopping or to watch wild animals.Bellow you can find some ideas!

Activities in Athens


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Athens city center

It is your first time in Athens, so you feel the need of visiting the city center. You can go to Syntagma Square to see the Parliament and The Evzones, then walk to Monastiraki, Plaka and Thisio, or take the metro to go and visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon Museum.


Again, on a walking distance from Syntagma, you will find the National Gardens of Athens with Zappeion building and behind the Gardens you will see the Panathenaic Stadium which is one of the main historic attractions of Athens.

A good idea would also be to catch the red bus. It will take you to the most significant places in Athens. You can hop off wherever you feel like it, take your pictures, walk around a little, and hop on it later on.

Artemis Beach

At a distance of 25 km from the centre of Athens is the beach of Loutsa. Organized with parasols and deck chairs, it is particularly loved by young people and families. During the summer there are strong winds and that’s why you will find in here all those who love sea sports and the relevant schools.

Smart Park

In a distance of 10klm you will find the Smart Park. It is very impressive how many shops you can find there. Brand names, clothes, shoes, super markets, pharmacies, house equipment, jewellery stores, books and many more.

You can start by doing some shopping, then by having a coffee while your kids are playing in the playland that is open Monday-Sunday, from 10:00’ until 23:00’, you can continue with a lunch, and finish your day with a movie in the summer movie-theater.

At the end of the day you will have covered everything: Shop, Play, Enjoy.

Vravrona’s Monuments

In the area of Brauron, or Vravrona, you will have the chance to visit the Temple of Artemis, or Artemision, which was a greek temple dedicated to a local form of the goddess Artemis. According to the greek myth she is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity.

The city was named after her. The Temple of Artemis Brauron was among the most important sacred sites in the ancient times. Vravrona (or Brauron), about 20 km from Athens, was one of the 12 towns of Attica that was united to Athens by Theseus.

Attica Park-Zoological Park

The Attica Zoological Park is the only zoo in Greece, receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors of all ages, every year, from all over the country.


The Attica Zoological Park was initially founded as a bird park in May 2000, hosting the world’s third largest collection of birds (1,100 birds from 300 different species). Striving to combine entertainment with education, it now offers visitors a unique journey to the five continents, through the lives of more than 2000 animals from 290 species, such as lions, Asian elephants, giraffes, monkeys, bears, penguins, parrots, dolphins and many more, in an area of over 20 hectares.


While zoos are a place for entertainment and relaxation, central to the philosophy of Attica Zoological Park is an effort not only to entertain, but also to educate our visitors. Raising public awareness of the animal kingdom, as well preserving and breeding endangered species - some 30% of the park animals are threatened or threatened by extinction - are among our main objectives. Our pursuit is to be, first and foremost, a place of education and conservation.

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